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Special order your nursery trees, shrubs, perennials and edible plants directly from Monrovia’s exclusive online catalog. With over 3,000 varieties it’s an easy and convenient way to get exactly what you want. Then have them shipped FREE to The Greenery.

Step 1:

Bring Nature Home


Whether you’re looking to add a special plant to beautify your garden, or hoping to be inspired by something unique and perfectly suited for your landscape, Monrovia has the widest selection of the highest quality plants online today.

Step 2:

Select Your Perfect Plant


Select from the list of more than 3,000 varieties. Shop by area, by category, and by your preferred sizes. Plants are added to our Monrovia orders that generally ship early March to early May and early September to early October at Monrovia’s discretion.

Ordering during the Winter? No problem! Your plants will be taken care of until Spring and then will be shipped to The Greenery when in is time to plant them in our area.


Step 3:

Pick Up at The Greenery


You’ll be notified by Monrovia when your plants are on the truck headed to The Greenery. We will contact you when your plants arrive.

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For questions regarding your ShopMonrovia order please email them at and don’t forget to include your zip code and/or order number. Monrovia – (800) 999-9321.