Fox Farms Soils & Fertilizers

Fox Farm is a nationally recognized company, that is passionate about producing the finest soil mixes and fertilizers. Because they care about your garden as much as you do, their formulas are greenhouse tested to ensure quality and consistency. They offer custom blended soil mixes, fertilizers Crafted for Organic Gardening™, as well as conventional products that Combine the Best of Technology with the Goodness of Nature™. We carry a large selection of Fox Farms soils and fertilizers.

Bagged Soil & Soil Conditioner

  • Ocean Forest Potting Soil
  • Salamander Soil Potting Mix
  • Bush Doctor Coco Loco
  • Happy Frog Potting Soil
  • Strawberry Fields Potting Soil
  • Happy Frog Soil Conditioner
  • Lucky Dog K-9 Kube Grower’s Blend

Dry Fertilizers

  • Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable (5-7-3)
  • Happy Frog Acid Loving Plants (4-5-3)
  • Happy Frog Japanese Maple (4-3-4)

Slow Release Fertilizers

  • Marine Cuisine
  • American Pride

Liquid Fertilizer

  • Bush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You (0.5-0-0.5)
  • Fox Farm Grow Big (6-4-4)
  • Tigerbloom (2-8-4)
  • Big BLoom (0-0.5-0.7)
  • Bush Doctor Microbe Brew (1-0.3-0.2)
  • Bush Doctor Bembe (0-1-3)
  • Bush Doctor Boomerang (2-0.2-0.3)
  • Bush Doctors Flowers Kiss (1-0.3-0.05)
  • Bush Doctor Kangaroots (0.8-0.1-0.03)
  • Bush Doctor Sledge Hammer
  • Open Sesame
  • Beastie Bloomz
  • Cha Ching